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  • Knickers: Which are the ones for you?

    Are you a thong kind of person or are you a Bridget Jones kind? Personally I love a good old thong but I cannot stay away from my big comfortable parachute underwear. With the different kinds of underwear floating around I wonder how many different types of knickers you can get to match with your bras. So here's my list of knickers everyone woman should have in there underwear drawers.


    Full Brief

    You can never go wrong with a comfortable full brief. You can get them purely for comfort or they do come in beautiful designs and colours. The Elle Macpherson Intimates Wind Chine Brief is a perfect example of how cute some briefs can be. With a fully lace design in a Hollyhock colour, modest rear coverage and a cute front central bow bring the whole brief together.


    Shaping Brief

    Now for the 'Bridget Jones' knickers. We all love to look our best in our day look in jeans or work wear and our going out clothes from a smart two piece to a fitted dress. However if you're conserned about bloating while having food or a drink then the Spanx Slimplicity High Waisted Brief is your answer! It offers great control and smooths out all the lumps and bumps for a flattering look.



    If you prefer a less coverage then a thong is the ideal choice for you. You can never go wrong with a thong with it's smaller sides for a less VPL and high legs. The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Lace Tanga Thong is an ideal thong if you want a smooth shape under clothing and with the matching Wondebra Ultimate Strapless Lace bra this becomes a beautiful lingerie set.



    Now the weather is getting cooler and we start to wear thicker tights or pants, a short brief is perfect for a comfortable feel with more coverage on the rear and hips. The Freya Flourish short is a cute and girly design with modest rear coverage and a higher waistline to make you more comfortable and snug.


    So there you have it. A few different kind of knickers to suit any occasion. Which knickers do you prefer?

  • Shock Horror Kim Kardashian in a low plunge top yet again!

    So Kim Kardashian has been storming the headlines with her trip to Paris being ‘crushed’ by a crowd and now this eye-catching very low plunging outfit, styled with a flapper style skirt that compliments her figure amazingly. Although it does look like she is topless underneath the open tuxedo jacket I think she pulls it off quite well.

    KIM K

    From figure hugging clothing to formal fashionable suits Kim is known to be very daring with her wardrobe choices and more often than not, she looks amazing.

    If you would like to fashion the same look, but not as daring, why don’t you wear the Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Bra offer a low cut centre perfect to wear with plunging necklines while being supported with the high tech hand mould shape in the cups. The straps are adjustable and detachable so you can wear with strapless or spaghetti strap clothing.




    What do you think of Kim’s look?

  • Bra Shopping Online











    The idea of bra shopping online must be a slightly daunting thought for most of us out there. After all, a well fitting bra can make the difference between a comfortable, care free day and a painfully annoying nightmare of a day where you wish it was socially acceptable to not wear a bra at all!

    So the main issue I'm sure we have with buying bras online is the “what if it doesn't fit?!” dilemma. This frustrating dilemma can be made all the worse when you find that perfect set online which just can't be found in the shops! Sure you're a 34D, but
    that cute 34D set you got from a high street store was way too big. So now you're a 34C, until the bra which you picked up is too small???

    It's the same problem with almost everything clothing related. It's easy to fluctuate between two dress sizes without gaining or loosing a single pound! It all depends on where you shop and what brands you buy.
    It's not just your comfort that can be affected by wearing the wrong size bra. Studies have actually linked ill fitting bras to common conditions such as back pain, indigestion, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and even headaches! The back pain connection is the most obvious; after all, a bra which is too tight around the back can both restrict movement and cause tension which in turn will have a negative effect on your posture. Not only can bad posture cause pain within your back and shoulders; your internal organs, such as your lungs can also be affected as they have less room to expand and contract. The pressure caused by a tight bra strap around your diaphragm not only affects your breathing mechanism but can also affect your digestive system too! Again, mainly due
    to the tightness of your bra strap, tension headaches occur due to both a reduced blood flow to the brain and the added pressure on the nerves in your back! With all that information, especially if you wear a D cup or above, surely you know it's time to stray away from the estimated 70-80% of women who are affected by ill fitting bras and join those who know their correct size and live a life of more comfort!

    The issue that most of us have of course is that underwear is supposed to look good, and a slightly smaller or larger bra is surely worth wearing if it looks the part! This said, even if the bra itself is beautiful and perfectly crafted, if it doesn't fit properly you may end up will rolls of 'back fat' or those 'smaller boobs' which seem to pop out of that wrong sized cup! Even celebrities who are considered as fashion icons are often spotted wearing ill fitting bras or swimwear.

    Luckily for you; at Beau Dame Lingerie you can find a comprehensive 'Bra Buying Guide' which includes a detailed size guide with an international size conversion chart so shoppers outside of the UK know exactly what they're buying!

    The website also boasts a step by step guide on how to correctly measure your bra size which helps you to know what you should be buying and if it still doesn't fit
    (because obviously some brands do still differ slightly in size) Beau Dame Lingerie will send out a different sized bra at no additional delivery cost!

    So not only do Beau Dame Lingerie sell fantastic quality products from some of the worlds most famous brands in cup sizes ranging from A to K and back sizes from 28 up to 48; thanks to their 'Bra Buying Guide' they also take away the stress and reservations which you may usually encounter with bra shopping online!

    So why not head on over to to have a look at
    the guides and see if you can find the perfect bra for you!

  • What’s My Favourite Underwear Set For Summer?

    So it’s the height of summer and glorious summer and I've revamped my whole wardrobe to colourful dresses, shorts, and tops. Although most black and dark coloured underwear won’t show through bright bold colours, I have recently been purchasing white frocks and sheer mesh tops and the big dilemma for me is which underwear do I wear? I've picked out my top 3 Lingerie Underwear Sets which I wear under my white clothing.

    To start off my first choice is the Fantasie Rebecca Underwear Spacer Moulded Full Cup and High Waist Smoothing Brief in White. This beautiful underwear set is perfect for wearing under a long sleeved white shift dress because of the light weight material and seamless cups for a smoothing look under clothing. The High Waist Smoothing brief hugs your figure and smoothing out your curves for an ultimate smooth look.

    The second on my list is the Elle Macpherson Dune Sunflower Bra and Thong. I have spoke about this underwear set before in a recent blog and I still stand by my opinion and it is still my favourite underwear set I've bought in a long time. The sunflower mesh design is a great alternative to the regular padded bras I normally wear. I usually wear this bra under an off white mesh t-shirt and a chunky necklace for an ultra chic look. Because of the contrasting lining and boning it gives a crop top look so this if perfect for a festival look and it is really comfortable.

    My final underwear set in my top 3 picks is the Freya Deco Underwire Moulded Strapless Bra and Brief in Nude. This set is brilliant for wearing with strapless bandeau tops or dress and although with some strapless bras can be uncomfortable with the elastic banding to make sure the bra stays in place, this bra is one of the most comfortable strapless bras I own. After a long day and night out I was supported and comfortable, without no slip or re-adjusting I hope to wear this bra for a long time.

    So there you have it. My top 3 picks for summer underwear.

    What is your top underwear set for summer?

    Abi ox



  • Which Underwear Set is Your Favourite?

    There's still at least two months of summer left and if you've already been shopping for your new bikini or swimsuit you will know that bright and bold colours are bang on trend this season. SS14 has seen printed or plain, bold colours dominating the underwear trends.

    So even though many of your priorities may shift towards choosing the right swimwear for your much deserved holiday; how you look and feel outside of the pool is equally as important. So make sure that your suitcase has enough room for some stylish underwear sets as well as your bikinis, sandals, sun cream and shorts.

    BeauDame Lingerie offer a range of underwear sets in pastel colours, tropical prints and decorative blooms, with a great variety of underwear sets, briefs and bras on offer from established brands such as Freya and Fantasie. Here are a few of BeauDame Lingerie's top picks for underwear sets which match this summer’s top trends from top designers.

    The Freya Flourish; Blossom – available in a Longline bra, Balcony bra, Plunge Bra, brief, short and thong.

    This underwear set offers an exciting new colour-way of Blossom channels an irresistible new demeanour to the sensual and sophisticated range with a medley of pretty pinks and pastel petals; trimmed with graphic lace.

    The Fantasie Mollie; Confetti – available in side support bra, brief, thong and short.

    This underwear set in Confetti consists has a striking multi coloured confetti print in tones of pink, purple and green. This stylish underwear set puts an alluring spin on the decorative bloom trend for SS14.

    The Elomi Betty; Black– available in Plunge bra, brief, thong and babydoll.

    This underwear set offers a 50s inspired with cute polka dots and rose embroidery on a black background and ribbon bow detailing for a feminine look.

    These are just a few picks from our extensive lingerie collection. For so much more just head over to where you can find a comprehensive lingerie buying guide to help you pick the perfect underwear set, briefs or bra, not just for your holiday but for all year round.

    Donna x



  • BeauDame Lingerie Tummy Control Underwear Guide.

    Its summer and women everywhere are walking around in cropped tops and flaunting their flat stomachs. Luckily for women everywhere there is a temporary solution for those times when you need an extra boost for your confidence, this is Shapewear.

    Shapewear comes in different variations to help flatter your figure, smooth out your body and sculpt your silhouette. In recent years designated shape wear brands such as Spanx created by Sarah Blakely and the Trinny & Susannah Shapewear range are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. It hasn't just boomed in popularity within the general public but it also has many A-Listers such as reality TV star Kim Kardashian who has been quoted “Spanx are my best friend”. In the world of Hollywood, actress Jessica Alba has admitted to wearing Spanx underneath her skin tight Fantastic Four costume during the film’s production while Lily Allen posted a video of herself dancing in her dressing room to Drake in nothing but her Spanx.

    One of the most popular designs of Shapewear for women all over is the 'tummy control underwear'. These undergarments are designed primarily to make your midriff look more flattering, help shape your hips and thighs.

    Hosiery Brands such as Spanx and Trinny & Susannah make high quality, cling free products which aim to keep your unwanted bumps under control whilst still lying discreetly underneath even the tightest of dresses. The undergarments on offer at BeauDame Lingerie have been selected to provide the best 'figure controlling' results; with most of the pieces having 100% cotton gusset so they can also be worn as underwear which helps to eliminating Visible panty line. The Shapewear available at BeauDame Lingerie, available in both black and nude as to suit any outfit or occasion with products available from world famous brands such as Spanx, Trinny & Susannah, Esbelt and Naomi &Nicole.

    The Trinny & Susannah Bum, Tum and Thigh Reducer in Nude:

    This high waist firm tummy panel which banishes saddle bags and is designed to help shape and lift your bum. The 100% cotton gusset also provides all day comfort with the added bonus of no visible seams

    The Spanx Higher Power in Black or Nude:

    The 100% cotton gusset allows the briefs to comfortably be worn as underwear with a non binding leg band which helps to reduce visible panty lines.

    These are just a couple of picks from our collection and for more just head over to where you can find a comprehensive Shapewear guide to help you pick the perfect Shapewear to suit your body.

    Abi ox


  • Are you wearing the correct bikini bra fitting?

    Every woman should have a little black bikini in there swimwear collection, and the black bikinis are making a show with several celebrities digging them out; some for the best, some for the worst.

    However what kind of little black bikini should you wear going down to your figure and have you got the correct bikini bra fitting.

    Chantelle Houghton has been spotted in a very un-flattering picture with a crochet styled bikini bra and tie side briefs with beaded detailing on. Although she has piled some pounds on over the past few months, going from 10 stone to 11 and a half stone I personally think she looks brilliant and I admire her putting a bikini on when she isn’t 100% confident in herself. My only criticism with this particular bikini is she should have worn a more fitted bikini top for extra support and uplift. The Freya Cha Cha Under-wire Bandless Halter Bikini Top and the Freya Cha Cha Classic Bikini Brief would have been perfect for Chantelle with the Bandless Halter neck under-wired for an extra uplift and an adjustable tie neck for extra support. The bikini brief has a slightly higher waistline for a more flattering, figure hugging look.

    Other celebrities looking fabulous in there classic little bikinis are footballer Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen; despite having most of her clothing and accessories stolen from her luggage on the way to Las Vegas she is looking beautiful as ever in her little black bikini.

    Millie Mackintosh posted on instagram a very stylish sneak peek of a photo shoot for the company Nip + Fab which she is the new face of. The fashion icon showed off her impressive toned body with a simple supportive black bikini and with simple flawless makeup she does look amazing.

    What you do think of Chantelle’s beach look.

    Do you wear the correct bikini bra fitting?

    Image Courtesy of
    Image Courtesy of Camilla Mackintosh Instagram. 


    chantelle-black-bikinicoleen-black-bikini millie-black-bikini


  • The new bra and panties

    As I have always been classed as a small bust woman I have never had a bra without padding. My personal opinion of non padded bras, they weren't for me. I didn't feel support and felt flat chested when I tried one on.

    However the other day when we were getting new shock in, a particular lingerie set caught my eye, The Elle Macpherson Dune Sunflower Bra and Thong in a Jet Camel. The long-line bra and thong are designed with a pretty lace and sunflower embroidery for a flattering aesthetic that mimics the high-fashion influences of Elle’s designs.

    Like I have said I've never had a bra without padding because they've never appealed to me and thought they didn't look flattering. After a few days of thinking about it I bit my thong and got the set. When I got them home I was excited to try this pretty lace lingerie set on. Although my normal size didn't fit me so I went from a C cup to a D, the new size fit me perfectly. The contrasting lining flatters your figure in a slimming effect look; the adjustable straps sit perfectly on your shoulders and with the triple hook and eye fastening with a padded over lay this is my favourite bra so far. The bra is underwired for an extra uplift and to enhance a natural looking cleavage so I didn't feel flat chested or insecure about how my breasts looked. I love my new bra and panties.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a pretty lingerie set and without the fuss of tight straps and digging in hook and eye fasteners. With new lines coming out every few months, I have opened my view of non-padded and will be ordering more in the near future.

    Have you never tried a certain bra because it’s not your usual style?

    Abi ox


  • Have you got your support underwear for Glastonbury?

    Glastonbury; today’s the day it all kicks off. Although the weather does look promising today, it doesn’t intent to stick around.

    Hot pants, tank tops, crop tops, strapless bandeau tops, wellies, kaftans and flower headbands are all big this year for the festival look. But while you’re dancing around a field to dance and alternative music; have you got fully support underwear? Going by the festival fashion we have put together lingerie sets that will support you while you dance the day and night away.

    First off is our pick for people wearing bandeau tops. Our choice is the Wonderbra Ultimate strapless bra and the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Lace thong; this match is perfect for anyone wearing strapless tops, hot pants and anyone who doesn’t want straps digging into them while they dance. The Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless thongs with the lace centre panels add beautiful detail and texture.

    Our second choice is The Freya Patsy Plunge Balcony Bra and Freya Patsy Short. This set is perfect for low cut tank tops because of its low sweetheart centre to enhance cleavage and offer that desired plunge shape. The Freya Patsy Short offers more coverage with its wide hip panels and higher waistline to hug your curves.

    Our final choice is the Elle Macpherson Dune Sunflower Bra and Thong. This is perfect for making a statement look under kaftans or sheer tops. With being a long-line bra, this gives extra support and uplift for an enhanced cleavage. It has a matching thong or brief to complete the vintage look.

    If you are going to Glastonbury or any other festivals make sure you’ve got your support underwear for dancing away into the night. What are your favourite bra sets? Do you wear support underwear?


  • Five top tips for fashionable curvy dressing to cover large bras

    Having curves is a fantastic asset for any modern woman, but translating the latest catwalk looks into wearable outfits can be tricky for wearing with large bras. If magazines are to be believed thin is the only way to be, but luckily this isn't the case. There are a few simple steps any fashionista can take to make the hottest ensembles go from model size zero to a real woman.

    Step one: follow all your favourite stores and magazines on social media and sign up to any loyalty clubs available. Discounts will often be promised to followers before anyone else, and as many fashion houses pride themselves on catering for a wide range of consumers, seeing the new styles as they come out means that limited stock can be snapped up before anyone else can get their hands on it!

    Step two: start with the right underwear. For voluptuous ladies finding fashionable large bras can be tricky, but it’s important to always wear the right lingerie for the outfit. Shapewear styles are fantastic for body con dresses or even snug fitting jeans.

    Step three: accessories are a girl’s best friend. An entire outfit can be changed dramatically with a few choice pieces of jewellery. Dangling earrings will detract attention from a large bust or wobbly tummy, while simultaneously emphasizing a fantastic set of bangs or beautiful smoky cat eyes. Choosing the correct footwear can offer you're outfit style and a pretty, chic design to mirror your outfit elements.

    Step four: learn to apply make-up properly. There are plenty of online tutorials so there’s no excuse not to know how to apply eyeliner like a pro or to ever leave the house with smudged mascara. A well-stocked make-up bag is the equivalent of having a whole extra closet on standby, as a change of face is as good as a change of dress.

    Step five: learn to dress for your body shape. For those with killer legs make the most of hitched hemlines, just as those with arms to make Madonna jealous should invest in some timeless cap sleeved tops, always dressing to emphasize your best features.

    Follow these simple tips and no matter if it’s summer, spring, winter or fall, any woman will be able to strut their stuff with the best of them. Look at any genuine style icon – Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, Oprah Winfrey – and the thing that really stands out is their confidence, because ultimately size isn't important, feeling fabulous is what matters.

    Should it be so difficult with fashion for women how wear large bras?

    Let us what you think.

    Abi ox


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