Shock Absorber Bra 4490 - 30 Day Diary - Day 1.

shock absorber bra

I have decided to get myself fit for the summer I have decided to do something that I have always wanted to do but never had the courage, I am training for a half marathon! (This is in May) And with the bikini wearing season coming up, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. So I have decided to carry out a 30 experiment using the Shock Absorber 4490 sports bra.
I like to exercise but I have never been a runner, I have always tried then given up. So this year I have decided to follow it through and become a runner get fit in the process. So I have decided that I need get a new sports bra. I have chosen the Shock Absorber 4490 based on a number of factors.
The Shock Absorber always seems to get good reviews, I know this bra has been tested by Loughborough University to offer great support. Also shock absorber state that “ a good sports bra reduces 3 D breast movement by up to 74% giving you the ultimate comfort and confidence during exercise”.
The shock Absorber 4490 uses classic encapsulation support. The Shock Absorber 4490 also has structural seaming with inner support sling for closer fitting support.

But I cannot find an information about how this sports bra will hold up over 30 Days of constant wear.
I have chosen the Black Shock Absorber this shock Absorber starts at a D cup and goes up to a H cup. The Shock Absorber 4490 also starts from a 28 back and goes up to a 40 back.
The Shock Absorber 4490 comes in White and Black with a White trim. so,  I have chosen the Black with the White trim Shock Absorber Sports Bra. The Shock Absorber 4490 is the crop top design so if it ever gets warm enough or I happen to be running along the cycle path in Santa Monica I can just wear this sports bra as my top. The Shock Absorber 4490 has a racer style back, as the cup sizes increase the Sports bra has 4 hook and eye fastening in a two and a two, the Shock Absorber sports bra also has adjustable straps.

I know that I take a 32D in my normal everyday bras; I know what the fit should feel like with a normal bra, but a sports bra is slightly different so I started with my normal bra size which is a 32D and is a good starting point for the Shock Absorber sports bra.

Shock Absorber have designed a quick Question and Answer to make sure that you have the right size sports bra. So I worked through each question.
shock absorber bra

Question 1

Is your bust fully contained in the cups? (No overspill or bagginess)

Question 2

Does the chest band feel firm? ( Your chest expands when exercising. Take some deep breaths)

Question 3

Have you adjusted the shoulder straps? ( You do not want too much give)

Question 4

Have you done the bounce test? (Jump up & down! Is the bra supportive?)

I am definitely a 32D!

I want to find out if the support of the bra will decrease after washing this bra everyday after exercising. I also want to see if the quality of the bra will alter over time, if there is a decrease in support.

I will be starting my running tomorrow I have all my kit ready; I will also be posting pictures along the way to document my progress.

Bye for now.

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