85% of Women Wear Wrong Sized Bra

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Debenhams recently performed a survey, where the results showed up to 85% of women are wearing the wrong size/fitting bras!
After thousands of fittings, it was found most of the clients went up a few cup sizes, had badly fitting straps or adjustments or just bought what was thought to be the right size.
The feedback said, alot of women would rather save the embarrassement of a fitting and go with what they think, maybe as time goes along, they should know their size.
However, peoples frames change over time...we put on weight, we lose weight, pregnancy, etc. So, correctly fitted lingerie counts.

Also, back pain, do you suffer from back pain? If so, it may be due to a badly fitted bra. Research has show that for larger breasts a badly fitted bra can be as bad as wearing no bra or one with very little support. Therefore, if you in this category, it is even more important to get a correct fit.

We at Beau Dame have found the same, so please consult our Size and fitting guide for help with fitting. Beau Dame fitting guide.
You can measure yourself, by yourself, but we reccommend doing this with a trusted friend for assistance. Help, advice and feedback are great and a friend can spot things you can't see. Also, make it a fun experience where you both learn, it helps.
So, if you feel un-comfortable in a bra, you keep adjusting your bra or something doesn't feel quite right, then get measured now, you maybe a few sizes out!

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A great simple test to see if you have a correctly fitted bra.

Does your bustline look perky, lifted or loose and saggy. Be honest!

Does your bust feel supported or does it feel like it is sagging. The weight of your bust should feel like they are pulling you down.

Does your bra feel like it is hanging down, in some cases under the rib cage?

Do you have bulges below your innerarms? Those are separated breast tissue, squeezed out from a badly fitted bra.

Does the top of your chest look skinny or boney? If so, then the bra maybe pulling down the breast or not providing enough support.

Hold your arms above your head like you are golding a ball and then move your arms in circles. If your bra moves around excessively, then you need a fitting.

Take your forefinger and point it sideways, parallel to the floor, and put it under one of your boobs, at the very bottom of where it grows out of your body, then turn from one side to the other in front of a mirror. If your finger is covered by your bra, then it is tooooo loose. Even by a bit, not good.

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