Alexandra Burke Major Fashion Fail

Why is it that once you become a successful recording artist and have a stylist to make sure you always look your best in public do the stylists make the most atrocious fashion choices.  Alexandra Burke was performing on stage at stage at the In: Demand Live concert in Glasgow in an open Jacket with a Black bra underneath and the most unflattering leggings I have ever seen.  Surely as a stylist you should know what body shape your client is and what would suit their shape. Why then would you make Alexander Burke look bigger and frumpier than she actually is?  The worst thing about the outfit is the leggings.  Why did the stylist not chose to put Alexandra in some flattering leggings like the Trinny and Susannah Shape and Tone Leggings, these leggings would have slimmed down Alexandra’s silhouette and shaped her bum hips and thighs which are a troublesome area for a lot of women.  The best thing about these leggings is the fact that they improve circulation and encourage weight loss just by wearing them.  If Alexandra really wanted to wear these awful leggings she could have found some very effective shapewear to wear underneath them to improve her silhouette.


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