Am i picking the right bra?

Here at BeauDame Lingerie we stock a variety of different styled bras. If you are struggling to find the perfect bra, please read the information guide below.
BeauDame stocks a number of T-shirt bras by Panache, Fantasie and Elomi.

A strapless bra.

A strapless bra is designed specifically for strapless and a-symmetric clothing. BeauDame stock famous name brands in strapless bras such as Panache and Wonderbra.

A balconette bra.

A balconette bra is similar to a half cup bra and covers just half of the bust leaving you with the perfect cleavage. BeauDame stock balconette bras by Panache, Fantasie and Best Form.

A Drop cup bra.

A drop cup bra is designed to help new mums breast feed easily and comfortably. BeauDame stocks fantastic drop cup bras by Hotmilk, Freya and Anita.

A full cup bra.

A full cup bra covers the whole breast and is designed to help support the breast, this is important to keep shape in the bust. Full cup bras are ideal for larger breasted or pregnant women as it stops sagging a helps back pain. BeauDame stock full cup bras by Panache, Fantasie and Best Form.

A sports bra.

A sports bra is designed to give the breast less bounce and more support when doing exercise. BeauDame stocks super sports bras by Shock Absorber and Freya Active.

A T-shirt bra

The T-Shirt bra is designed to provide a smooth appearance under soft and thin clothing.

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