Aston Villa wedding lingerie for Kate Middleton?

aston villa lingerie

According to the Daily Grind website, Kate Middleton has bought and will be wearing Aston Villa lingerie/briefs on her wedding night.
Pam Jones, who runs the Aston Villa club shop, has confirmed that Kate placed an internet order last week. (they must a tick box on the order form, asking, 'will you be wearing this on your wedding night?!?')

ate opted for the express delivery option to have a frilly teddysuit sent to her parents’ home in time for Friday’s wedding at Westminster Abbey.

Ms Jones said: “The Villa teddy is very popular with brides-to-be who want to ensure they have their husband’s undivided attention on their wedding night.

“Kate didn’t take up a special offer to bag the vibrating love eggs emblazoned with Aston Villa’s logo for just £5 extra.”

Katy Perry has been shot wearing a similar item, we think as a more tongue in cheek thing.
Kate may have ordered such an item(s), but girls, would you wear such an item on your wedding night to impress? We are not sure ourselves. Depends on the couple, i  guess!

Beau Dame bridal lingerie.

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