BeauDame Lingerie Tummy Control Underwear Guide.

Its summer and women everywhere are walking around in cropped tops and flaunting their flat stomachs. Luckily for women everywhere there is a temporary solution for those times when you need an extra boost for your confidence, this is Shapewear.

Shapewear comes in different variations to help flatter your figure, smooth out your body and sculpt your silhouette. In recent years designated shape wear brands such as Spanx created by Sarah Blakely and the Trinny & Susannah Shapewear range are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. It hasn't just boomed in popularity within the general public but it also has many A-Listers such as reality TV star Kim Kardashian who has been quoted “Spanx are my best friend”. In the world of Hollywood, actress Jessica Alba has admitted to wearing Spanx underneath her skin tight Fantastic Four costume during the film’s production while Lily Allen posted a video of herself dancing in her dressing room to Drake in nothing but her Spanx.

One of the most popular designs of Shapewear for women all over is the 'tummy control underwear'. These undergarments are designed primarily to make your midriff look more flattering, help shape your hips and thighs.

Hosiery Brands such as Spanx and Trinny & Susannah make high quality, cling free products which aim to keep your unwanted bumps under control whilst still lying discreetly underneath even the tightest of dresses. The undergarments on offer at BeauDame Lingerie have been selected to provide the best 'figure controlling' results; with most of the pieces having 100% cotton gusset so they can also be worn as underwear which helps to eliminating Visible panty line. The Shapewear available at BeauDame Lingerie, available in both black and nude as to suit any outfit or occasion with products available from world famous brands such as Spanx, Trinny & Susannah, Esbelt and Naomi &Nicole.

The Trinny & Susannah Bum, Tum and Thigh Reducer in Nude:

This high waist firm tummy panel which banishes saddle bags and is designed to help shape and lift your bum. The 100% cotton gusset also provides all day comfort with the added bonus of no visible seams

The Spanx Higher Power in Black or Nude:

The 100% cotton gusset allows the briefs to comfortably be worn as underwear with a non binding leg band which helps to reduce visible panty lines.

These are just a couple of picks from our collection and for more just head over to where you can find a comprehensive Shapewear guide to help you pick the perfect Shapewear to suit your body.

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