Beyonce - Glastonbury and Lingerie.


The words Glastonbury and lingerie don't usually come along in the same sentence, but after watching Beyonce's set last night, the lingerie, although subtly stated was still evident.
Beyonce's backing singers had all in one swimsuit type items in black with Beyonce having what looked like bikini briefs but the with the shimmering gold, hip length top Beyonce wore, you had to look twice to spot that it wasn't shorts or similar.

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Beyonce knows lingerie adds that bit of 'steam' to her performances and as entertainment and show is the key here, we think she nailed it on all fronts!
Lady Gaga performed in years past showing a fair wardrobe of lingerie having a similar effect.
Will both artists be back in future years sporting their own lines of lingerie? We wait and see.

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