Big Bra Auction celebrity in aid of charity

Various bras, which have been decorated and donated by over 40 women including several celebrities, will be auctioned off until the end of February 2013 to raise funds for the breast cancer charity Cancerkin. Celebrities Danni Minogue and Dame Judi Dench are amongst the contributors who have lent their name to the cause. There is a new centre planned to be built in 2013 on Finchley Road in London and any money raised from the Big Bra Auction will go towards that.

The bras are also on display at London's Comedy Store where you can also read writer, Naomi Alderman's story about her relationship with her breasts and her bras. You can also see bras that have been decorated in various styles including a pair of blue tits from actress Maureen Lipman.

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