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Interesting article in the femail section of the Daily Mail news online. - Written by Rachel Snowden

It may be 4000 years since women began wearing bras but that doesn't stop designers craving for the ultimate in bra design. The latest in high-tech bras comes in the form of the Bioform by lingerie giants Charnos.

The headline grabbing bra is the result of two years in the making from award-winning product designers Richard Seymour and Dick Powell. Yet far from being bra experts, their previous accolades were for motorbike and high-speed train design.

'I think the fact we're both blokes is a double-edged sword. We're probably better able to be objective about it, and perhaps a little bit distanced from the actual problems. But on the other hand it's a huge disadvantage, because we don't have any experience of wearing bras, at least not that we're prepared to admit to, anyway', says Powell.

So if you're an average size 36C or even a 42H, this is probably worth a try. Just bear in mind it gives more support than a sexy cleavage brassiere but won't necessarily draw the eye in quite the same way.
Bioform by Charnos, £35, available in white and black, size 30"-42", cup sizes B-H, from leading department stores.

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