Boob job without the surgery. have a great article on things you can try to get better boobs without going down the surgery route.

Beau Dame are not advocating one way or another, that will be up to you after you have done all your research, but some of the surgery-less options are presented here.
You can make the most of your assets by investing in the right underwear, doing the best boob exercises (upper and lower pecs) and using the best boob creams.
Even going back thousands of years, Spartan women had the rep. of having fine figures and busts from regular exercise, pampering and skin toning, so the concept has stayed the same.

Clever cleavage with the right bra!
Bra choice is the easiest and has instant results, from a Wonderbra with its molding and sculpting to a plunge bra. With so many to choose from, advice will be needed to get the best fit and look you want.
Beau Dames bra collection.

Uplifting lingerie (shapewear)
If you hate the bulkiness of regular padded bras and want more shaping all over, shapewear can do the trick. Available in bodies, briefs, leggings and slips. Today you can be tucked and shaped very well with the ranges available.
Beau Dame shapewear collection.

Plump and tone
While exercise won’t help your boobs grow per se, it can leave them looking fuller in appearance. “Because your boobs are made up of breast tissue and fat rather than muscle, it’s not actually possible to tone them through exercise, but there are certain things you can do to help improve their appearance” admits Gillian Reeves, National Group Exercise Manager at Virgin Active Health Clubs. “It’s really important to focus on having a good posture as it will make your bust look more pert and defined,” says Gillian. “A great exercise to correct posture is the Prone Cobra. Start by lying on your front with your palms facing the floor, lift your head, shoulders and arms off the floor at the same time then turn your thumbs up and out towards the ceiling so you’re squeezing your shoulder blades together.”

In proportion
If you’re packing more pounds down below than up above (ie you’re a classic pear shape), Gillian recommends cardio and resistance training. “Do this three times a week to slim down your hips and improve the proportion of your body as this will make your boobs look bigger. Also try doing some press ups as these can help to tone the chest muscles which will give the general area better shape.”
Symmetry. Wide shoulders give the illusion of smaller waist. Fat round the waist seems to be the last to go as the most fat seems to hang around here. You will slim all over, not in localised areas, so general aerobic activity is needed. Make a part of you weekly plan. Even a long walk is better than nothing.

Bust Beautification System
Bust Beautification System! Also known as Brenman’s ‘Boob job in a box’, this three tier plumping process is one for ladies serious about enlarging as it takes time, effort and energy. Containing a Bust Plumping Catalyst cream and Lifting and Firming Emulsion which both must be applied morning and night, the kit also comes with a resistance band and dedicated exercise program so you can firm up your assets while you wait for the active ingredients to take effect. The added bonus is you’ll get toned arms from all the exercise too!

Filler formula
Fillers are common practice in non-evasive cosmetic procedures but Italian beauty brand Pupa have taken the concept further and applied it to their boob boosting AEF Mutlivitaminic Breast Enhancer Cream. Eliminating the need for needles, the increase in volume comes from a bio-extract called Volufine which promotes the natural storage process of lipids and it’s this that increases the volume and firmness of your bosom. Claiming to increase your bra an entire cup size in eight weeks, this sweet-smelling cream should be applied twice a day to get the bustiest results. Regular work needed by you then to achieve the results.

Rodial’s Boob Job.

One of the first surgery-free boob job creams to cause a stir in smaller-chested ladies, Rodial’s Boob Job, sold out in a week with its promise of bigger boobs in 56 days. A serum-like formula that needs to be smoothed on and around your bust, the magic ingredient derived from an Asian root works on the layer of fat in the bust area.
The effects should be seen in weeks, but regular dedication is needed.

Bosom Pal firming treatment.
No-one wants to contend with crepey skin across their cleavage so to ensure your boobs stay pert 24/7 and to elongate your skin’s elasticity in the bust area, smear in Temple Spa’s brand new Bosom Pal firming treatment. Full of a patented CellActive FORM which contains a cocktail of active plant ingredients designed to firm, contour and support, it not only works as an anti-ageing boob booster, it will accentuate your assets to the best of their ability!


Raiyia No6 Bergamot, Ginger & Cocoa Butter Body Treatment Mask.

If you just want to pamper your girls in private, indulge in OCCO’s Raiyia No6 Bergamot, Ginger & Cocoa Butter Body Treatment Mask. Super-conditioning and hydrating, smooth the rich creamy mask over your décolleté, wait for 10 minutes and then rinse off under warm water. Nourishing and regenerating as well as collagen-stimulating, while you won’t have gone up a size, you will be the proud owner of two baby-soft boobs.

Tanning tricks

Tanning can transform your look, even by just improving your skin and giving you a healthy glow. We are almost hardwired to be impressed by a tanned frame, so with a little work in the right areas the boobs can benefit from tanning.
This doesn't mean hours in a baking sun. The methods below, may give alternatives.

Tan supreme and bronzing buddy to the stars, James Read ( us that there’s more than one trick to upping your cup by the power of fake tan. “Before you apply your tan get a face wipe and rub in between your boobs as even if you’ve exfoliated that’s where you’ll get a build up,” says James.

For a full-on approach, book two days in to your tanning schedule. “On the first day apply a self-tan all over your body. If you have a light skintone, go for St Tropez Gradual Tan, if you’re medium, choose a liquid spray or mousse like L’Oreal Paris Submime Bronze Spray or He-Shi Express Liquid Tan and if you’re dark, use Xen-Tan Absolute Luxe,” advises James.

“Wash the product off the next day, then get a really thick moisturiser and mix it with an illuminating powder like Laura Mercier’s loose bronzer. Highlight the breast area in a V shape, sweeping down the centre of the breast, along the sides and then it rub over the décolletage, collarbone and shoulder blades to give a light reflecting finish.”

“You can do the same thing with a bronzing spray or for a quick fix, get a red lipstick like Chanel Rouge, rub it between your fingers to warm it up and then rub it on your décolletage, shoulders and breast. The red works with the natural pink tone in your skin giving you the same effect as if you’d been sitting in the sun. It’s all about giving your features a lift and making the skin look light reflective.”

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