Bra Care - Looking after your lingerie

Have you ruined your favourite bra, or perhaps torn your most comfortable pants in the wash, lingerie is a delicate item and needs a little extra care when washing.

Although hand washing your delicates is probably the most effective, it’s not always the most efficient.

Follow Beau Dame Lingerie’s handy guide to washing your delicates.

Things you’ll need

  • Gentle Washing detergent
  • Wash Bag
  • Towel
  • Socks (Optional)

The Method.

  1. First you’ll need lingerie bag or mesh fabric bag. Some types of lingerie, including some silks, are quite sturdy; however, more caution is needed with lace and satin.
  2. Ensure you fasten all bra hooks and eyelets together before machine washing and avoid washing these garments with other clothes to minimize twisting and tangling.
  3. We found that when washed on the delicate cycle, unpadded bras without underwire generally fare well. Padded bras are best washed by hand or machine wash on the gentle cycle.
  4. We would recommend washing delicates and bras using cold or cool water whenever possible. Try and soak for 15 to 30 minutes and rub together durable areas, such as bra elastic, when needed. Optionally if your manufacturer settings will allow it, agitate the lingerie in a washing machine for five minutes beforehand.
  5. Using small amounts of “lingerie-friendly” detergent in your washing machine helps prevent erosion of delicate materials such as lace/silk, obviously other materials vary. NB.(You should always check for suitability and always read the label of any detergent before use to check with the manufacturer instructions) 
  6. Hand washing your garment, ensure you rinse any padded lingerie until you can gently squeeze the padding without seeing signs of soap residue. If you find you have used a little too much soap, then simply rinse the garment in the washing machine but remove it prior to the spin cycle. 
  7.  To dry your item(s) we would advise to avoid the dryer where possible and once your items have been washed and thoroughly rinsed they are ready to dry, with bra’s for example, hang them on a clothes rack or lay them flat where possible

Thanks to ehow for the know how...

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