Bra fitting

Bra fitting and lingerie fitting in general, has to be spot on to get the most from your bras and lingerie.
A perfect fitting bra give the illusion of a slimmer shape and also improved the posture. A well fittng bra makes your clothing fit muc better while boosting your self-confidence.
More women are asking for larger cup sizes as women are asking for being measured more accurately, women are starting to realise that a larger cup size and perhaps smaller back size provide better comfort and shape under the clothing of choice, but it is by no means an indication of dress size. You will need to be measured seperately for your dress size.
Bra sizing is can be quite in-depth, - figure type, age, weight and others and includes some style you require.
e.g., a 32DD for a teenager's figure may be very small compared to the same size designed for a older aged person. Few sales people are trained completely in area of sizing for bras, opting for just tape measuring, which is only part of the story.
Cup size and shape must fit to the woman’s natural figure type, never compressing or mis-shaping the breasts. The body changes over a four to five-year cycle and bra sizing must be revisited and changed where accordingly.If you gain or lose weight for any reason, then a new fitting will be needed.
Up to 85 percent of women wear incorrect bras, so get let us help you fit correctly!
If you can, be measured without a bra on, but if it is in-convenient for some reason, measure with the bra on.

“Wearing the wrong bra or no bra can cause spinal strain or muscular dysfunction such as spasms of the trapizius muscles.” - Dr Carla Norval, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Johannesburg.
An badly fitting bra can also cause discomfort under the arms and pressure on the shoulders from incorrect straps. From research, the average bra size in Britain is closer to a 34 E than the 36 C.
Ladies from different areas of the world also tend towards differing figure types, with European ladies having slighter frames with bigger cup sizes, while in south Africa the demand is for bigger cup and back sizes.
With so many imports, looks sometimes go above fitting, but at Beau Dame, please let us help you get your perfect fit.

With the need for larger cup sizes, why are women’s breasts seemingly getting bigger?

Dr Carol Benn, Netcare’s specialist breast surgeon and breast health expert, believes it is not necessarily that breasts are getting bigger - people are getting genetically taller and stronger.
“Breast size varies. Big women can have small breasts or big breasts as can small women. Obese women may have larger fatter breasts yet some women with a BMI over 30 have small breasts.
“Hormones play a role, as does familial breast size and shape. Irrespective of your breast size all women should examine their breasts and follow screening protocols.”

Dr Marilyn Glenville, a British nutritionist specialising in women’s health and hormones believes an increase in oestrogen from a variety of sources is what is causing the increase in breast size.
Quoted in the Daily Mail, she says: “With more women today putting off pregnancy until later in life and having fewer children, they experience many more monthly cycles than previous generations did, and are exposed to more oestrogen.”

Bra Fitting tips
(please see Beau Dame's fittng room for more tips or contact us via our website.)
A good article on the beeb site for personal feedback from a bra fitting session.
Independent newspaper article on bra fitting.

* Your bra should feel comfortable, like a second skin.

* The back straps should fit comfortably just below your shoulders; if the bra “rides up” at the back then the back size is too big.

* Shoulder straps should sit firmly on your shoulders without slipping off or leaving welts.

* Breasts should fit comfortably into the cups and not bulge from the bra cups - if your breasts are “pushed together” or bulging out of the cups then the cups are too small.

* Look in the mirror, standing sideways. The centre of your breasts (nipple) should be halfway between your shoulders and elbows. If this is not the case then the bra is either the incorrect size or style.

* Move around in the bra, lift your arms - if the bra does not fit comfortably, don’t buy it.

Fitting into the bra correctly

Put yourself into the cup by leaning forward into the bra, with your nipples in the centre of the cup, then fasten bra.

The bra should sit properly and comfortably under the breasts and evenly around the back under the shoulder blades.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Why do my straps fall off my shoulders?

A: Maybe you have sloping shoulders or the style of bra is not suitable. On a well-designed bra, the shoulder straps are positioned closer to the centre so that they are less likely to fall off your shoulders.

Q: Why do my breasts fall out of the bottom of the bra?

A: The cup size is too small and cannot accommodate the entire breast.

Q: How do I know if I am wearing the correct size?

A: The correct size bra will be comfortable all day long. You will not need to be fiddling with it constantly once you have put it on.

Q: Why does the bra ride up my back?

A: The back size of the bra (34, 36, 38…) is too big.

Q: Why does the bra strap cause welts in my shoulder?

A: A well-made bra supports the breast around the rib cage and not purely with the shoulder straps. A completely elasticised shoulder strap is more likely to dig into the shoulders and cause welts.

Q: Why should I wear a bra with an underwire?

A: The underwire on a bra gives separation and form to the breast; both underwire and non-underwire bras can give the same support.

Q: Why do my breasts bulge out of the top of the cup?

A: The cup size (B, C, D…) is too small.

Q: Why does the bra wrinkle on the cup?

A: The cup size is too big.

Q: Why should I wear a special bra for sport?

A: A good bra designed for sport will sit higher at the front to give more support to the pectoral muscles, will be made of a breathable fabric and will not have an underwire.- Daily News

Note - never have too much information on how to fit your bra!


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