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The idea of bra shopping online must be a slightly daunting thought for most of us out there. After all, a well fitting bra can make the difference between a comfortable, care free day and a painfully annoying nightmare of a day where you wish it was socially acceptable to not wear a bra at all!

So the main issue I'm sure we have with buying bras online is the “what if it doesn't fit?!” dilemma. This frustrating dilemma can be made all the worse when you find that perfect set online which just can't be found in the shops! Sure you're a 34D, but
that cute 34D set you got from a high street store was way too big. So now you're a 34C, until the bra which you picked up is too small???

It's the same problem with almost everything clothing related. It's easy to fluctuate between two dress sizes without gaining or loosing a single pound! It all depends on where you shop and what brands you buy.
It's not just your comfort that can be affected by wearing the wrong size bra. Studies have actually linked ill fitting bras to common conditions such as back pain, indigestion, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and even headaches! The back pain connection is the most obvious; after all, a bra which is too tight around the back can both restrict movement and cause tension which in turn will have a negative effect on your posture. Not only can bad posture cause pain within your back and shoulders; your internal organs, such as your lungs can also be affected as they have less room to expand and contract. The pressure caused by a tight bra strap around your diaphragm not only affects your breathing mechanism but can also affect your digestive system too! Again, mainly due
to the tightness of your bra strap, tension headaches occur due to both a reduced blood flow to the brain and the added pressure on the nerves in your back! With all that information, especially if you wear a D cup or above, surely you know it's time to stray away from the estimated 70-80% of women who are affected by ill fitting bras and join those who know their correct size and live a life of more comfort!

The issue that most of us have of course is that underwear is supposed to look good, and a slightly smaller or larger bra is surely worth wearing if it looks the part! This said, even if the bra itself is beautiful and perfectly crafted, if it doesn't fit properly you may end up will rolls of 'back fat' or those 'smaller boobs' which seem to pop out of that wrong sized cup! Even celebrities who are considered as fashion icons are often spotted wearing ill fitting bras or swimwear.

Luckily for you; at Beau Dame Lingerie you can find a comprehensive 'Bra Buying Guide' which includes a detailed size guide with an international size conversion chart so shoppers outside of the UK know exactly what they're buying!

The website also boasts a step by step guide on how to correctly measure your bra size which helps you to know what you should be buying and if it still doesn't fit
(because obviously some brands do still differ slightly in size) Beau Dame Lingerie will send out a different sized bra at no additional delivery cost!

So not only do Beau Dame Lingerie sell fantastic quality products from some of the worlds most famous brands in cup sizes ranging from A to K and back sizes from 28 up to 48; thanks to their 'Bra Buying Guide' they also take away the stress and reservations which you may usually encounter with bra shopping online!

So why not head on over to to have a look at
the guides and see if you can find the perfect bra for you!

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