Bras for the third world

We came across a very worthwhile bit of news where a lingerie boutique -  Undercover in Stockbridge, are collecting old bras to be sent to third world countries.

Customers bring in their old bras or after fitting of a new bra, leave the old one for passing on.
A very worthwhile thing to do for a high street shop where direct dropping off of old items can be used by someone else....great work Undercover!

onated bras are then whisked away to start life on the other side of the world where local traders support their families by selling them. Any bras beyond redemption are taken apart and disposed of properly.

Nicolette Read, owner of Undercover, said: “It is not uncommon for customers who have taken advantage of our specialised fitting service to leave the shop wearing their new bra, asking us to throw away the old one.

“The Bra Bank seemed the ideal solution as it not only raises funds for cancer research but helps families in the developing world and recycles hopeless bras responsibly. Hopefully we will raise a significant amount of money for a really good cause.”

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