Brazil May add Warnings in Lingerie and Underwear

brazil lingerie warningThe powers that be in Brazil maybe putting in place warnings in lingerie items to hopefully warn against sexual health issues.
Any lingerie manufactured and sold in Brazil will have sexual health messages added.

The law, put in place 12 years ago, is waiting final approval by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

Bras will have messages about self examination for breast cancer, the use of condoms to stop cervical cancer and for men over the age of 40 to consider being screened for prostate cancer.

Any manufacturer ignoring adding the warnings, may have their operating license taken away.

Obviously, some agree with the added warnings and some do not.

“If I have to add just a really small message on the existent tab, it is not a problem,” said Bruno Henrique da Silva Mello, general manager of lingerie company Del Lara.

“However, if I have a new tab, the cost will grow for the consumer,” he said, adding that a new pair of skivvies could cost twice as much as they do now.

While the textile world and lawmakers agree that preventative sexual health messages are worth passing on, whether underwear is the right vehicle is a point of contention.

“This kind of relation [between underwear and disease] is totally absurd,” said Maria Teresa Pugliesi, legal director of SindiVestuário, union of Brazilian clothing industry.

“To add a new tab is not just very onerous, it is uncomfortable for the customer. For example, when I buy something, I cut the tab as soon as I get to my house,” said Pugliesi.

How to make the message stand out is another problem, say others in the apparel industry.

“If it is too small it would make no difference,” said Monike de Mello Pereira, marketing assistant from Fruit de La Passion, a Brazilian lingerie company. “We have to show it in a very attractive way to make it useful for the customers.”

The main thing is will people take notice of the warning? Most say, as with any warnings, some may take notice, some may not.

Good or bad idea?

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