Breast Massage? Why?


Breast massage does not only provide healthy breast tissues but also reduces cysts and fibroids. Such massages are also great in relieving pain and compression caused due to wearing of bras and at times also due to stress.

Breast massage helps to regenerate healthy tissue, reduces scaring caused by augmentation, and is the most rational proactive step that can be taken against cancer and other such associated diseases.

Improved circulation will tone up the tissues and will tighten your sagging skin. Breast massaging can therefore be used to create a beautiful bust line, improve the shape and increase overall attractiveness. 

Oh, don't foget the aforementioned health benefits...

Seems like a no brainer to me?

Important Note:

If during self-massage any lumps are felt, these lumps should always be investigated thoroughly by informing and visiting a qualified physician. If any lump is ever found, that area should NOT be massaged until a physician is consulted

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