Breastfeeding - good for mother and baby


Why a nursing Bra?

According to the latest medical and psychological research, breastfeeding not only has a beneficial effect on the baby's physical development, but also on his or her intelligence.

  • Mothers Milk protects the baby against infections and allergies.
  • The close physical contact during breastfeeding gives the baby a feeling of security. 
  • Breastfeeding has a beneficial effect on baby's intelligence, as suckling stimulates nerve and muscle function.
  • For the mother, breastfeeding provides protection against infection and reduces the risk of bleeding after birth
  • The breastfeeding hormones help restore the womb to it's normal shape
  • The additional calorie consumtption aids weight loss
  • The risk of breast cancer is effectively reduced.

Therefore, a well designed, highly functional nursing bra is key to maintain the shape and support of the bust during breastfeeding. Nursing bras are made from skin kind fabrics as nipples can be extra sensitive at this time. A well designed nursing bra should provide easy and comfortable access to the breast for both mother and baby.

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