Catch a load of the Big Knickers

For some time now I have personally been an advocate for Big knickers but it is now official men prefer big knickers too. There are a lot of women out there me included that abandoned the thong camp and changed allegiance to the Big knickers brigade, not only for me are they comfy I think my backside looks a lot more appealing in them, do we have Cisco and the thong song to blame for the increase in the popularity of the thong (you know the thong song) or was it just a fashion craze or was it a practical item to have in your underwear drawer, it did have its uses it was great for getting rid of the VPL, since the designers of knickers seem to have become lazy in their design of the knickers. Thong used to out sell knickers 2 to 1 not anymore it seems. The Humble brief is having a much needed and long awaited revival.

There are so many different types of knickers, there are the Bridget Jones style knickers which linger at the back of your underwear drawer and are invariably the most comfortable pair of Knickers you own but most often are the most unflattering knickers known to man the type that if your partner saw you in them will often ask the question of what are those that you are wearing, but they serve a purpose. There are the bikini brief knickers which are low cut knickers and a personal favourite of mine are the boy short knickers they are not only very comfy there is no VLP they are cut low so there is no fear of them showing above your low cut jeans and most importantly you would not be embarrassed being caught in a communal changing room with a pair on.

Do we have Bridget Jones to blame for the fact that most people think that big knickers are unattractive? Well there appears to have this myth has just been quashed men prefer big knickers too, when I questioned this fact and asked my husband he whole heartedly agreed with the whole knickers issue. It appears that this is something that lingerie designers have been aware of for a while, take for example the Curvy Kate range it has some absolutely beautiful shorts in their range just take a look at the Tease me range. Freya has introduced shorts to pretty much all their range including the Jolie and for the larger ladies Elomi has now introduced shorts to their range including the occasions range which specialises in occasion wear whether it is for wedding lingerie or other events.

Even Hotmilk has introduced some beautiful briefs with great design features including the rushed back. For all those pair shaped ladies like myself who have not tried the short type knickers for fear that they will create an unflattering effect causing the bottom of the knickers to dig into the top of your thighs this does not happen at all. There is definitely a now a fashionable factor to knickers maybe it is the fact that big knickers no longer have to be a practical addition to your underwear drawer they can now be a flirty and fun addition, with so much choice of pretty knickers out there.

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