Comfortable lingerie for every day

A great article on the blog the talks about every day lingerie, started from a question on Facebook -
'I love lingerie, but usually keep it to my more professional or formal attire. How do you suggest women wear lingerie with casual clothes like jeans'

For everyday lingerie, the wants are -

* comfort

* easy to care for

* seamless

Comfort - as everyday wear, you want the lingerie to feel like its not there, it just fits and works with you.
Less fashion and more comfort for everyday wear.
Machine washable and easy to care for is key.

Seamless - as lines or seams in bras or briefs, is not always wanted for everyday, unless that is your aim for the items you are wearing.

Most of you will have favourites already, but having a few selections for different seasons may help and give variety.

Bras examples
Freya and Elomi do some great bras, especially for plus sizes that are great for everyday use.

Freya Arabella or Jolie are a great range, as with Panache frilly or intemate.

Please take a look around Beau Dames bra and briefs sections, as the everyday items will certainly win!

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