Curvy Cover Girls - The new look!

plus size models - vogue

Italian Vogue recently showed a cover shoot of plus size models, showing Curvy models are sexy and a great statement to show models don't have to be a size zero to look good.

Last season, Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week had plus-size models on the catwalk; fashion critics believe it is the beginning of the post-size zero age.

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Designer Rakesh Agarval stated, "The real body is being celebrated. Women with rounded lines are sexier. It's a fabulous trend. Look at women like Tanisha Mohan and Ramneek Paintal, who are sexy but not size zero and yet look attractive. Women with curves look real. A majority of my clients are curvy. Plus-size models help our business."

This is a move in the right direction.

We all want to see 'ideal' figures on both men and women and always have, but the message has probably gone too far that way, especially since the 60's onwards.

Showing models of various sizes, all looking great shows that no matter your size, you can look fantastic and the look is attainable.

Bring on the plus size models!

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