Day 1...Diary of my 30 Day Esbelt waist cincher experiment.

I have decided to do a 30 day experiment with the Esbelt waist cincher Slimming Corset. You're probably thinking...Why? Well, that's because I read that you can benefit from an immediate reduction in your waist line and you can expect to lose 1-4 inches from your waist in just 30 days!

My waist is currently just under 32 inches!

I am a size 10, 5ft 4inches tall and I weigh 9.75 stones and have gone for the medium sized Esbelt.

I have started on the loosest fastening. A) For comfort and B) so that I can tighten the Esbelt later on in the experiment as my tummy starts to shrink and flatten.

Day 1

Today is day 1 of wearing my Esbelt. What can I say…if you haven’t already got an Esbelt … You absolutely need to invest!!!

After seriously squeezing in to my skinny jeans this morning (which my 20month old daughter found hilarious as I am hopping round the bedroom falling all over the place)… I finally got them fastened – I am sure these jeans used to be loose on me… any way that’s another story. I am looking in the mirror holding my huge love handles thinking ‘I can’t possibly get away with wearing these’.

I knew today was the 1st day wearing my Esbelt Corset so I thought before taking off the jeans that have just taken 10 minuets to get on and putting on a looser pair that I would put on my Esbelt first to see if this helps.

I can not believe it! 60 seconds ago I was literally pouring out of these jeans, and I as soon as I put on my Esbelt it changed everything!!!

I am not exaggerating when I say how well it holds everything in place. It sucks everything in and feels so comfortable.

As soon as had put on the Esbelt my other half said ‘you remind me of Cheryl Cole with that on, I bet all celebrities wear them!'  WOW... what a compliment!!!

I feel fantastic… and I am not one for bragging but my posture is perfect, my tummy is flat and goes in at the sides, I have a perfect waist with no love handles, my boobs look far more pert and its making me feel confident and just like I used to feel before I had a baby.

Who needs finishing school when you can wear an Esbelt!

Its 11.15am now and I have had the Esbelt on since 7am and So far so good, I am really thrilled to bits.

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