Day 16 - Diary of my 30 Esbelt waist cincher Experiment.

Day 16 - Sunday

Shattered today after all that shopping yesterday- shopping centres are a nightmare this time of year!!!

Been for a Pizza Hut today (yes, of coarse I had my Esbelt Slimming Corset on) as I really could not be bothered cooking a Sunday dinner today and besides my little girl loves Pizza Hut now and then, as do I ;-)

Got back in time for the X Factor results... still not happy that Wagner is still in... what's that all about? I do think that Cheryl Cole (see below) looked stunning though- yes, a little like Minnie Mouse but that dress was out of this world! I am pretty sure Cheryl will have had something like an Esbelt waist cincher under that dress to give her that hourglass figure!!!

Early night tonight... x

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