Day 18 - Diary of my 30 day Esbelt Waist Cincher experiment

Day 18 - Tuesday

I have been having a look at dresses today that I can wear for this years Christmas party - which I have just realised is only 3 weeks off!!!

The good thing is that now I have an Esbelt Slimming Corset, I  don't feel that I have to steer away from the types of dresses that all the celebs are wearing at the mo- the very fashionable and fitted LBD's  - There's nothing worse than going out for a meal in a tightish dress and then eating loads and then looking really bloated for the rest of the night, and believe me - i do bloat - when i have eaten I tend to look 4 months pregnant...
Not sure I will look as good as these lovely ladies...  but I can try!! ;-) x

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