Day 2…Diary of my 30 Day Esbelt waist cincher experiment.

Day 2 - Saturday

I have been wearing the Esbelt all day and all night, in fact I only took it off for half an hour to have a shower.

I have been out for a few drinks with a friend tonight and I can't normally get away with wearing just leggins AND a skimpy top, but I could tonight thanks to my Esbelt waist cincher. Even though I have put on nearly a stone in the last 6 weeks it didn't even matter, I felt so comfortable and  confident with my figure. Honestly the Esbelt Slimming Corset makes such a huge difference I still can't believe it!

I have been rushing around all day and night, playing with my baby and putting her to bed. I have been dancing, laughing, eating and drinking and my Esbelt hasn't even moved! Brilliant!

More updates tomorrow, night x

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