Day 29 - Diary of my 30 day Esbelt Waist Cincher experiment

Day 29 - Saturday

Me and my Esbelt Waist Cincher have been Christmas shopping ALL DAY today, my feet are killing me! I made the mistake of going in to Manchester on the Train rather than driving, I bought so much I actually thought my arms were going to drop off... I never realised what a good work out going Christmas shopping can need to go to the gym tonight ;-)

Well, it's the final day of my Esbelt Shapewear experiment tomorrow.  I can't wait to tell you my final measurements so be sure to tune in tomorrow for day 30, the final day of my diary.

If you haven't yet purchased your Esbelt Brazilian Shapewear from Beau Dame Lingerie then you seriously need to get a move on, especially if you want to have a perfect hour glass figure in your Christmas Party dress!!!

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