Day 4 - Diary of my 30 Esbelt waist cincher Experiment.

Day 4 - Monday

Ooh I love it when the clocks go back don't you? When its light again when you wake up in the morning instead of it being pitch black, and of coarse the extra hour in bed is always nice!

Anyway, hello again. It's 16.30, and I have had on my Esbelt waist cincher since 7am. Still going strong, still amazingly happy with it.

It's that time of the month for me and I have to say, I'm not feeling half as bloated as I do when I'm not wearing my Waist Cincher and also I actually think its helped with my tummy pains...

You can buy an Esbelt Corset for just £39 - they are worth so much more for the way that they make you feel, honestly don't just take my word for it!!!

I will be adding some pics tomorrow so make sure you catch up with me again then! have a nice evening x

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