Day 8 - Diary of my 30 day Esbelt waist cincher experiment

Day 8 - Saturday

Got up really early this morning, got dressed and put on my Esbelt waist cincher Slimming Corset.

I had a really busy day today- had to go shopping first thing this morning, don't get excited, it was only food shopping.

All my family came round for a meal tonight to celebrate bonfire night for my daughter. I normally wear fairly loose clothing when we are having a meal as I am a big food lover, I love to eat and once I start I cant stop so I like to have plenty of room in my clothes for my belly to grow as I eat.  However I got all dressed up tonight as I wanted to make an effort plus I knew I would be wearing my Esbelt Corset and this always helps me to stay in good shape no matter how much I eat, so I opted to wear a little black jump suit with my wellies.

As usual - my Esbelt Shapewear did not let me down tonight. I ate so much this evening and drank so much wine and still felt really comfortable in my skimpy outfit!

I do wonder if I will ever go out without my Esbelt Corset on again!

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