Did Pippa Middleton wears a thong at the Royal Wedding?

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The question at the moment, is not how the new royals are getting on, but if Pippa Middleton wore anything under that figure hugging dress at the Royal wedding.
How dare you say! Well, from looking closely at the footage from sky, Pippa had no visible panty line. It could have been Nude lingerie or something else? Surely, on the occasion Pippa would not have had nothing on under the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress?

Online reports speculate that Pippa was pushed up and held in place perfectly by her dress (not much needed anyway, with her figure!) which probably had a built in corset, meaning a nude thong was the only option.

Thongs have come along way from their early beginnings when they were typically crafted in white, black, or red and adorned with lots of feathers. Thongs are worn to avoid underwear lines showing through when wearing tight pants or skirts. The signs looks like the wearer has briefs that are too small or slacks that are too tight.
Thongs are sometime sworn as they are simply more comfortable than regular large panties or to make one feel good about themselves, but the thong has to be the correct size to gain the benefits.
If a woman's lingerie makes her feel sexy and good about themselves, then she is going to go about her day with a glint in her eye. She is going to get  compliments about how something about her seems a little different. Its what's underneath that counts!
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Alot of the time, sexy thongs are worn to attract the attention of a partner or  husband. Having a band from the top of a thong peep over low riding jeans is a confident and slighly cheeky sign to the world, thus it is no longer considered embarrassing to show a bit of lingerie.

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