Doncaster Rovers' underwear mascot reinstated

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The lady who sports the Doncaster Rovers' mascot Donny Dog has been given her job back after posing in lingerie with the mascot.

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Tracy Chandler was sacked from the position by email after Doncaster boss John Ryan after seeing the images in the Sunday Sport.

Mr Ryan said: "The Sunday Sport and a mascot designed for children is not an ideal mix.

"We were just a bit concerned about the sexualisation of young children, it's a tricky area these days, we're putting it right, maybe it was a mistake.

"As far as I'm concerned I'm going to put this whole thing to bed and let Tracy get on."

Tracy stated, "the photos were tongue-in-cheek and not seedy."

But she said when she received the e-mail notice of dismissal she felt like she was "handing over my best friend".

We see how some will jump to the wrong conclusions when they see lingerie, especially with something from their business, like in this case the mascot, but if the aim was not to influence children or to sexualise the mascot, then i don't think many childsren will or do read the Sunday Sport, so would never see it.

More a over reaction and a well thought through decision?

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