Esbelt Corsets - your all in one shaping solution.

Beau Dame are always talking about the benefits of the Esbelt slimming corset for its fine shaping and sculpting abilities, great look and comfort.
The waist cincher has other corset examples to choose from -
Esbelt Slimming Corset ES404
esbelt slimming corset
Esbelt Premium Corset ES419

Esbelt Fashion Corset


Esbelt Premium Corselet ES439
esbelt premium corselet

Esbelt Fashion Corset offers 3 Distinct benefits:

- Instant Shaping. The Esbelt corset will shape and sculpt your body, producing the shape you require.

- Reduces Measurements - shapes your frame in the areas you need.

- Lifts the bust - shapes and holds like the best bras!

- Corrects Posture - with lower back support and holding of the lower stomach muscles, your posture will be improved, both sitting and standing.

Available colours: Black, Nude, and Pink.

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