Five top tips for fashionable curvy dressing to cover large bras

Having curves is a fantastic asset for any modern woman, but translating the latest catwalk looks into wearable outfits can be tricky for wearing with large bras. If magazines are to be believed thin is the only way to be, but luckily this isn't the case. There are a few simple steps any fashionista can take to make the hottest ensembles go from model size zero to a real woman.

Step one: follow all your favourite stores and magazines on social media and sign up to any loyalty clubs available. Discounts will often be promised to followers before anyone else, and as many fashion houses pride themselves on catering for a wide range of consumers, seeing the new styles as they come out means that limited stock can be snapped up before anyone else can get their hands on it!

Step two: start with the right underwear. For voluptuous ladies finding fashionable large bras can be tricky, but it’s important to always wear the right lingerie for the outfit. Shapewear styles are fantastic for body con dresses or even snug fitting jeans.

Step three: accessories are a girl’s best friend. An entire outfit can be changed dramatically with a few choice pieces of jewellery. Dangling earrings will detract attention from a large bust or wobbly tummy, while simultaneously emphasizing a fantastic set of bangs or beautiful smoky cat eyes. Choosing the correct footwear can offer you're outfit style and a pretty, chic design to mirror your outfit elements.

Step four: learn to apply make-up properly. There are plenty of online tutorials so there’s no excuse not to know how to apply eyeliner like a pro or to ever leave the house with smudged mascara. A well-stocked make-up bag is the equivalent of having a whole extra closet on standby, as a change of face is as good as a change of dress.

Step five: learn to dress for your body shape. For those with killer legs make the most of hitched hemlines, just as those with arms to make Madonna jealous should invest in some timeless cap sleeved tops, always dressing to emphasize your best features.

Follow these simple tips and no matter if it’s summer, spring, winter or fall, any woman will be able to strut their stuff with the best of them. Look at any genuine style icon – Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, Oprah Winfrey – and the thing that really stands out is their confidence, because ultimately size isn't important, feeling fabulous is what matters.

Should it be so difficult with fashion for women how wear large bras?

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