Guess What

Colleen has admitted to wearing shapewear, whilst getting my weekly fix of Celeb gossip I stumbled upon a story about how Colleen has now started to party again 3 weeks after giving birth.  But that was not the bit that caught my eye granted she is in great shape and the fact that she can go partying 3 weeks after giving birth is testament to the fact that the girl has got stamina either that or a very good baby sitter.  Believe you me I don’t think I could go out partying 3 weeks after giving birth let alone be photographed in skimpy outfits.  I have to admit that is did look great and in fantastic shape, I was starting to wonder if I was going to be buying into another fad diet, going out and buying all the items on the menu only to give up after the first day feeling very down about the fact that I had tried yet another diet that means I would have to eat grapefruit at every meal or drink maple syrup and cayenne pepper (even me a hardened fad celebrity diet follower could not muster the courage for that one).  So when it said that she had got her figure back using Spanx I actually breathed a sigh of relief and reached for my Kit Kat Chunky and full fat hot chocolate aarh bliss.

Whilst reading said Celeb gossip mag I came across an article about the fact that Kelly Osborne only wears one piece swimwear due to the fact that she has sensitive skin and comes out in rashes if she is exposes too much skin to the sun.  Well I have always been a bikini wearing kind of girl, up until a few years ago, until then swimsuits were mainly very boring and safe items to wear if you wanted more coverage.  They tended to be quiet frumpy, I remember wearing my school swimsuits, which really did put me off wearing swimsuits in later life.  Now swimsuits are on a par with bikinis if not taking over from them in the style stakes.  This is in part due to manufacturers realising that just because women choose to wear swimsuits it does not mean that we just want practicality and not pretty or stylish pieces.  Panache has introduced their polka themed swimwear range for a second year and if it is as popular as last year you will need to be at the front of the queue to bag yours, these pieces do not stay in the shops for long and coupled with the  fact that the manufacturers only produce one run, you really do need to reserve yours now. If only you could.

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