Heidi Klum - Getting Naked for Project Runway?


Heidi Klum in barely has been seen in little lingerie during her Victoria's Secret stints, but seeing her actually go naked is a new step for her.

Rumor has it that the almost 6-foot bombshell will be taking it all off for Project Runway''s ninth-season ad campaign.

They did a Project Runway campaign shoot earlier this week and Heidi is nude," Klum's rep tells E! News.

Why? Needs the money? Guess not? Maybe to show she still has the body to show?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this decision sprung from the network's urge to steer away from the "woman in peril" image that Lifetime movies are known to portray, and onto a more "contemporary" image of a woman. Yup, we haven't all fallen prey to two-timing husbands, amnesia and haunting dreams.

Nancy Dubuc, president and general manager of the network, said her team's main task was to find female characters that are "brazen, strong, confident and sexy."

Whatever the reasoning, we will all be able to see the outcome very soon and see if the work was worth it.

We guess it will be!

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