How to make your bra last longer

test4How To Make Your Bras Last Longer! This article is in response to a previous article of mine that some of you may have forgot about, basically if you look after your bra, it will look after you.

However, for some of us, bras are cheap and disposable items bought from Primark for a few quid and chucked out when they wear out. This need not be the case if you follow our simple guide(s)

But not all bras are cheap, and certainly you get what you pay for when buying a ladies most intimate item of apparel.

Here are some tips that will make your favourite bra last much, much longer: -

• Wash your bra on a delicates cycle separate from non-underwear items. A too vigorous wash cycle will stretch your elastic and may also bend underwired cups out of shape.
• Invest some money in a delicates wash bag. These great bags will ensure that the delicate fabric in your bra is not damaged during the wash cycle.
• Use a specialist delicates wash detergent that will not bleach your bra or degrade the elastic elements.
• If your precious bra is ultra delicate, consider handwashing it rather than putting it in the machine. Even with a delicates bag, more expensive and delicate lingerie could be damaged, which would be heartbreaking!!
• Do not tumble dry your bra. The heat will cause a lot of damage to the fabric and elastic, and you’ll find yourself needing replacement underwear in double quick time.
• Do not wear your bra for more than one day at a time. Now that’s an odd one, isn’t it? We’re told that the lycra elastic in all bras stretches easily, and that the heat of your body will cause it to deteriorate more quickly if you subject it to prolonged exposure. Rotate your bras daily and increase their lifespan!
• Store your bras carefully. Stuffing them in a huge drawer willy nilly can cause the same kind of damage a washing maching cycle does. Your precious undies will be stretched and pulled out of shape. Make sure they are folded neatly away and that the drawer is not over-full.
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