Indian men buy lingerie online

If you wish to buy lingerie directly online in India, well now there are outlets (including beaudame lingerie!)

Findings from these sites indicate that, males find the sites most useful as they have a medium to buy their partners the items they want in a relaxed way.

Within a week of one lingerie website's launch,  the website noticed that 70% of its audience and first time visitors were male. This obviously could be due to the nature of pictures displayed on the site, but the truth is that the website offers a great medium for men to purchase. “This makes our life simple," said 29 year old software professional Karan Irani. "Going into a store to buy lingerie for our girlfriends or wives can be a daunting task. Here, all you have to do is click!”

This is great news. The easier and more accessible features are to everyone, the more choice.

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