International Athletes - the best swimwear models?

A great post from the bleacher report, shows some of the hottest professional female athletes, arguing that most of the top swimwear and lingerie models are international and are professional athletes.
Beau Dame see this as no surprise.......really.
The report is US centred and in tone is showing that US can't see how girls outside the US can't be the best models available.........well, for one, we guess due to the extra land mass in the rest of the world, there are more females than in the US, thus more chance of top models coming from the rest of the world...........ahem!
It stands to reason that a girl who has dedicated most of her life and time to a physical persuit and is naturally good looking will, once slightly well known will pickup potential modeling work - already in shape and great looking...ticks all the boxes.
See what you think, click here for the gallery!
What do you think?

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