Is Prince Harry getting 'serious' about lingerie model girlfriend?

Prince Harry continues to be seen publically increasingly more with new girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce, which appears to count out any developments with Pippa Middleton.

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Florence couldn't take her eyes off him. Flee is clearly really into him. For me these were getting told off by security ever since they were mentioned being within the Private room area. She was lost in Harry, a wristwatch witness told the web portal.

Flee, who had previously been earlier dating F1 star Jenson Button, is very clearly deeply deeply deeply in love with Harry.

"For me I am in love," she distributed to her pals.

Structure affiliate marketers confirmed the Prince is "serious" regarding the beauty, who's his eighth cousin.

The duo has in addition been buying and selling intimate in time the model's devote Notting Hill, apparently.

Appears like there's another royal wedding within the coming!

Will this mean royal lingerie later on when they stay together? It'll a minimum of increase the royal inventory of items, royal biscuits to royal lingerie.

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