January Jones is pregnant!

pregnant january jones

Congratulations to January Jones who recently announced she is pregnant.
The father is yet to be announced and was not mentioned in her intitial statement -

'"January Jones is happy to announce that she is expecting her first child this fall.

"She's really looking forward to this new chapter in her life as a single mom."

Saturday Night Live actor Jason Sudeikis was her last reported boyfriend, but  they parted  in Jan.  after seven months together.
Any comments from him at this time?
Jason attended the White House correspondents' dinner this weekend, and was asked about January's announcement of being pregnant.

The Washington Post asked him for a comment, and he apparently seemed 'comfortable' with the question:

"I’d rather - yes but no… No, I... No, I didn’t have anything [else to say]."

We all wait to see how that comment pans out!

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