January Jones & Zoe Kravitz: X-Men- First Class Lingerie Ladies!

January Jones & Zoe Kravitz, who are starring in the latest release from the X-Men films, will be hotting up the screen in their lingerie wear!

IF you have read any X-men tales from the graphic novels, tripped over one and saw the imagery, you would have noticed nearly all the female characters are lingerie clad or leave little to the imagination clothing-wise.
This is not for titiliation, but to show the  'amazonian,' ultra-athletic look to their personalities. Depicting the characters with baggy clothing or similiar wouldn't have the same effect.

So, how will the film makers translate the comic book lingirie look to film? From screen shots and trailers, both girls will be shown in lingerie, but to the tastes of movies, not the comic books or at least in the new film not having as much 'cart blanche' over costumes, otherwise alot of sticky tape will be needed to hold things in place!

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