Jodie Marsh in Odd Workout Clothes.

Jodie Marsh has been pictured going to the gym in what can only be described as an odd workout outfit.  Jodie is pictured wearing a cropped sports bra and then a normal bra underneath the sports bra.  On her bottom she has a pair incredibly baggy tracksuit bottoms on with leg warmers!! Weird.

 Although it is not the bottom half I am most concerned with it is the top half.  Why has she got 2 bras on? Is it because she does not get the support she needs from just one sports bra? Jodie Marsh is reported to be a 32G, so she does need a good sports bra, but there are many sports bras on the market that offer great support without the need to wear 2 bras.  At Beau Dame we would recommend that Jodie try the Shock Absorber Sports Bra £30.  The Shock Absorber 4490 is a crop top style sports bra it comes in White or Black with adjustable straps and level 4 support, which is the highest support you can get.  Why not wear one of those Jodie?


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