Kate Middleton negligee sold in London


The negligee/sheer dress/lingerie, worn by Kate Middleton during a 2002 charity fashion show at the University of St Andrews,  is available to buy.

Rumoured to be responsible or key in sparking the start of Will's and Kates relationship, Kate Middleton wore the piece, originally intended as a skirt, over black lingerie, bra and briefs. (We hope William wasn't base enough to just fall for Kate due to a negligee......ahem!)
Prince William reported to have paid for a front row seat at the event.
The dress, designed by Charlotte Todd  was the highlight of the Kerry Taylor Auctions Passion for Fashion event, going for £65,000. (that would have paid off the student loan, we think!)
The auction will also include two gowns worn by Princess Diana.

Although not new news, what Kate will wear is hot news at the moment and anything worn by Kate in the past, may give an indication what Kate may wear in the future.
Also, during and after the wedding, Kate's lingerie number may turn into a hot item to have, so keep an idea on that one.
Not forgetting, this is a possible future queen and a princess being shown in lingerie.......is this appropriate? Going back to Diana's wedding, seeing Diana in the same number at the time wouldn't have been appropriate, but we live in different times, with lingerie worn as outerwear being the norm now and the item was worn tastefully at a catwalk show, so Kate gets plus points. As long as lingerie is tastefully presented, it has a positive effect.

On another note, Kate's wedding lingerie will be designed by Ultimo.  Good one Michelle for getting that one!

Babydoll nightwear.

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