Kate Middleton shops for bargain lingerie

According to the Sun newspaper, Kate Middleton was seen shopping for discount lingerie on the Kings Road, London, Chelsea.
'n addition to the £3.90 ‘Brazilian-style’ briefs, she also bought two bikinis at the retailer on Tuesday' says the Sun.

A shopper told the paper: "I certainly didn't expect her to be browsing at the bottom end of the range."

A shop assistant added: "She was much more beautiful than I imagined and really lovely."

Royal protection officers waited outside lingerie store Goldenpoint as Kate browsed for lingerie.

The purchases were made as Kate gets ready for her honeymoon.

Yesterday, she visited the lingerie department of Peter Jones, where she picked up two bras in black and nude for around £30 each.

Nothing shocking here really and a good thing. A future princess, saying that all the things she wears has to be bespoke, designer pieces from now on. People still need to browse, comapre and contrast and seek a bargain. Its what we do!

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