Kate Middleton with an even slimmer Waist!

There has been an image that appeared less than a week after the Royal Wedding, on the front cover of the Grazia magazine amazingly showing Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge with what appears to be an even slimmer waist!! In fact they have made her waist look like she is wearing a Waist Cincher which gives the effect of reducing the waist by a number of inches and would be the only way to gain such a narrow waist in comparison to her hips.
The real question is why did Grazia magazine feel the need to photo shop an already slim Duchess of Cambridge. It would have been a different situation if she had choosen to create the look wearing a waist cincher. If she had wanted to wear a Waist Cincher we would have recommended the Esbelt Waist Cincher 404 £40 which actually guarantees that you will immediately shave inches off your waist and reduce the size of your waist by up to 4 inches in a month with continuous wear.

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Before Image                                                                    After Image

Spot the difference.

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