Kate Middleton's wedding dress revealed!

kate_middleton_weddingDesigner lingerie uk
Kate Middleton's wedding dress designer is reportedly Sophie Cranston, from recent online reports.
Much speculation on what will be the dress design, who will be designing the dress have been romoured, since the wedding anouncement.

Bruce Oldfield was touted to be the designer of the up-coming dress, but it seems Sophie Cranston will be in the design chair.

Sophie was given Designer of the Year Award at London's Graduate Fashion Week in 1999 working later with Alexander McQueen. Sophie has designed a dress for KAte in the past, a black velvet coat dress, worn at a wedding function last year.

An insider said, '"All we have been told is that the dressmaker is fairly unknown and from a relatively small design house. But make no mistake, whoever’s name emerges on the day, this is very much Catherine’s dress."

At this point, for def. we know the dress will be a full on affair, not just from the fact of the last big royal wedding had a mamoth wedding dress, but also, we think the designer will have the world looking at their work, so it has to be the best out there to make the impression needed, not just for Kate, but for the designer and the wedding in general.

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