kayla collins bikini

Former Playboy Playmate, Kayla Collins is the latest lady to be caught on the I'm a Celebrity shower cam in a skimpy bikini.

The bikini set in question is from her own range, having I'm a celebrity as a vehicle to showe off her range.
However, due to product placement laws, some scenes have been cut or reduced.
Tv bosses have stated that the girls were allowed to bring their own bikini's, Kayla wanting to bring her own range.

Kayla Collins said: 'I will be wearing some very sexy bikinis in the jungle. One is a leopard print bikini, one is a black bikini and another is a light pink bikini with black polka dots.
'They're very cute and very sexy. I'm thinking they are sure to get me some male admirers - and some female admirers, too.'

Bikinis you can admire, but please don't sit there for hours hoping for kayla collins nude or semi nude. Not going to happen, folks!

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