Kim Kardashian In Low Cut Dress Promoting New Fashion Line

Kim Kardashian and her sisters have been spotted making yet another appearance for their new fashion line Kardasian Klothing.  While Kourteney and Khloe were rocking the smart casual look, Kim was dressed to the nines.  The dress she was wearing was a pretty Plum dress which was very nice and very fitted.  If you are wondering how you can get such a smooth silhouette in such a tight dress we would recommend that you take a look at some shapewear. We at Beau Dame Lingerie would recommend that you try the Plie shaping tube at £31.00 which will give you a smooth silhouette.  If you want to recreate the same cleavage with a strapless bra we would recommend the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Lace at £35.00 everytime.

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