Ladies in lingerie skydiving?!?


At Skysisters 2011, Australia, girls in lingerie will be skydiving in lingerie in an attempt to break better world and national sky jumping records over Toogoolawah on Easter Sunday.
Around 150 international and Australian competitors would be taking part in the all-female events.
Skysisters 2011 organiser Susie McLachlan said the lingerie jumps were what Skysisters was all about with the girls getting together to celebrate the female form, to push their boundaries, have some fun and attempt to break some records along the way.

“Skysisters is all about a group of girls of all ages getting together to inspire and motivate each other and we’ve come up with a fantastic selection of themed jumps throughout the nine-day program to keep it fun and action-packed,” she said.

“We’re having a blast and having so many girls together gives us a fantastic opportunity to attempt some all-female records and to take some new recruits into the air.

“Skysisters is a great opportunity to come and have a go and try skydiving for yourself. On Saturday we had a three-generation jump which was amazing so you can even bring your nana and have a try.”
For the full story, see Gympie Times.

Fantastic to see lingerie and women being promoted performing wild activities such as skydiving, but i can't help thinking, no matter how good the weather in Aus, it must be absolutely freezing, falling at 120 m/hr. Never mind the freefall, all other details.......i'd want a cardigan at the least!
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