Lady Gaga pops out in lingerie!

One thing about Lady Gaga is to expect the unexpected, at least in the clothing department!
Lady Gaga was at The View to promote her new release Born This Way, along with her mother Cynthia Germanotta.


Lady Gaga was out with only a bra, high black heels and black additions to her hair.
Showing that lingerie works as outer wear, just wearing a bra for going out is definitely making a statement.
Go back to Madonna's early days, a bra over outerwear was seen as provocative, so how can you top that? Well, scrap the outerwear and just leave the bra, obviously!
This look may not work for everyone....ahem, but it doesn't mean in hot weather, lingerie as outwear, cannot work.
Of you want to attempt this, then try with a long summer skirt or over a top.
Pick the occasion, but most of all it must be appropriate for the situation. At a dinner evening..maybe not, but in a club, festival or with like minded people, then why not.

panache frilly clarissaPanache Frilly Clarissa Balconette bra.

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