Lingerie - colours matter!

freya arabella

A post in The Times India, states that if you want to heat things up in the bedroom, then the colour of lingerie really matters., to either turn on or off.
Can you guess which colour will have the positive effect? Yep, mostly reds!

When you are in the 'S' mode, that's sensuous, steamy and sexy, empower him with a deep red silk camisole or a red lace corset. To keep the surprise intact start with a vibrant orange silk robe that will make him go crazy. And don't forget your red net thongs and sheer stockings. If he is busy in his work, grab his attention with that seductive, bright yellow bikini.

Colours have different connotations all over the world, but certain colours have a similar reaction.
Yellow - the brightest colour, not white. Look at how many warning signs are yellow. So, even our peripheral vision will see a spot of yellow. So, yellow to grab attention.
But the colours have to be in context.
The more attention grabbing the colour, the less you need. Reds go straight to the synapses, so a red bra and breifs will shout a def. statement!

Choose wisely, with the right pieces of lingerie and you will make your message known!

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